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The following data protection declaration outlines the principles and practices regarding personal data gathered through this website.

Article 1. Preamble
The site www.fammies.com is administered by Ketch'UP SA in respect of data protection laws and in adherence to all relevant laws applicable to confidentiality and data protection.

The site www.fammies.com offers a free, private and secured, completely confidential service allowing web-users to create a private space for storage and sharing content with person/s of their choosing.

Article 2. Data and content protection
In the course of using the service www.fammies.com, asides from the initial e-mail address required no personal information will be requested from users of the service.

Correspondence with www.fammies.com technical or customer support will be treated in a strictly confidential manner.

Neither the user's sent content nor related e-mail addresses will come into the possession of www.fammies.com. Throughout usage of the service and subsequent to termination, the data remains entirely in the ownership of the user.

www.fammies.com has a free "save" feature which enables users to retrieve a compressed (zip) file containing all their published content at any time. In the event of termination of the parent account, when closure of the service is requested, the data and content will be deleted within 48hrs. In this case, the space may no longer be re-activated (see general conditions of use).

Article 3. Cookies and passwords
www.fammies.com uses cookies (tracking cookies). These allow the service to remember the user's previous preferences from the last time he/she visited the site and thus ensure ease and facility of navigation throughout the site. If the user's computer is configured not to accept cookies, the user must refer to the information on enabling cookies in his/her browser for further details.

The user is responsible for the protection of the passwords he/she creates and of the invitations which he/she sends to allow his/her contacts to access the private family web-space. We encourage users of the service to create secure passwords (consisting of numbers and letters in upper and lower case). Ketch'UP SA will not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from error or a breach by the user during the creation of a password, or a password being disclosed to a third party.

Article 4. User rights
Personal data which the user may be required to provide to technical or customer support will be treated in a strictly confidential manner.
These data will only be used in dealing with the user's request.
These data will not be shared with any third parties.

www.fammies.com takes all organisational and technical security measures necessary to protect the service user's data. The user's content is stored in an ultra-secure environment (Datacenter) and is inaccessible to the public.

External links may be present on our sites for other partnership sites or simply for related general information (recommendations, blogs, information sites). We recommend that users visiting these websites belonging to other entities/organisations read carefully their corresponding privacy policy declarations.

Article 5. Legislation
Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution establishes the principle in which all persons have the right to a private and family life, to a home, to correspondence and relations conducted through mail and telecommunications, as well as protection against any abusive usage of pertaining data.

This protection has been written into the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (DSG), in effect since 1st July 1993. The regulations are detailed within the corresponding ordinances. Other laws exist which contain numerous provisions relating to the protection of personal rights in particular legal areas. Articles 28 and onwards of the Code Civil (CC) establish applicable rights for recourse in the event of infringement on personal rights.

As a private individual, a user of the service has the right to access and rectify any information relating to him/her.

For answers to any specific questions not covered in this section, please write to the following address:

Ketch'UP SA
Privacy policy
Route des Carres, 44
1252 Geneva - Switzerland